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Insanity, ahoy!

So, work news. I think I’m going to post another version of this to customers_suck because really, how can I not?

Anyway, when one prints from the computers in our library, it’s a 25 cent charge. Anyway, this one girl, her mother, and her grandmother came in. Keep in mind this is a small town, and my bitchy customer stories are few and far between because almost everyone is so nice it’s almost creepy.

Anyway, our teen librarian was on desk and showed the daughter how to print something for school. Still, she accidentally printed four copies. It came to $2.00 total, mind. Anyway, her mother storms up to the desk and IMMEDIATELY starts accusing B. “You told her how to print wrong! IT’S YOUR FAULT SHE DID IT WRONG, AND I’M NOT PAYING THAT!!!!”

Now, B is a sweet woman and, had the mother come up and been all, “My daughter accidentally printed four copies, can we only pay for one? I only have $1.00,” or something, B probably would have let her off. But with the opening gambit of “YOU BITCH, IT’S YOUR FAULT!!!!” she wasn’t letting it slide. So she kept saying that it says on all our signs you are responsible for all the pages printed (which it does), and that she hadn’t shown the daughter incorrectly (she hadn’t). She was very calm and reasonable, but Mommy wasn’t having any of it. She kept refusing to pay, swearing up a streak, and finally threatened to call the police on B (for what, exactly?).

B told her calmly, “Either pay for these or leave them here; it’s your choice.”

And the woman called the sheriff.

Apparently it was programmed into her cell phone; she just whipped it out and called. Anyway, the sheriff pretty much laughed in her face, and never actually showed up here. I wonder why. Grandma sidled over and paid the bill; she and daughter were embarrassed and kind of indicated that they were aware the mother was nuts.

B and the Director were giggling about it afterward.

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