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Excerpted from...somewhere, I forget.

"Yesterday, my home state of Washington took up the issue of same sex marriage.

The issue did attract a group of protestors to our state capitol.

Now you know what this debate means: Let the gay-bashing begin. Named the fave right wing sport for several years running, gay-bashing always gets a big boost from the so-called "gay marriage" debate.

Much of it is entirely predictable, even kind of amusing. Homophobes don't seem to get what the rest of us are hip to— that the people most worked up about other folk's sexuality tend to be insecure about their own. Their lips may say "sanctity of marriage" but we hear "closet case."

And, inevitably, someone like Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania will launch things into the realm of the truly weird. Remember when he dragged man on dog sex into the discussion? Man on dog? The love that dare not bark its name? How did we get from matrimony to man's best, um,... Saturday night ever? I began to wonder just what videos this guy might have in his private collection, quickly concluded I didn't really want to know, and chalked it up to a peculiar fascination of the senator's.

But then, Justice Antonin Scalia dropped the b-bomb, saying that same sex marriage would lead to bestiality. Apparently, the far right spends a disturbing amount of time thinking about sex with animals.

Two obvious thought arise: First, the two issues are entirely unrelated. On the one hand you have two humans wanting to get hitched; on the other, a drunken farmer and outraged sheep. Second, these people need help and we're not talking a trip to the petting zoo.

A word of advice to the gay-unfriendly fringe: ix-nay on the animal stuff. Whatever point you're trying to make, this can't be helping. And besides, it's just plain creepy.

And a recommendation to the rest of us: the next time Santorum, Scalia or any of their ilk drop by for dinner, you might want to consider locking up the pets... just to be on the safe side."
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