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Damn cat lady vibes

So, the cursed cat lady vibes kicked in again.

Friday night Jess and I had to go out and get groceries (we had, like, nothing) and also see about getting her windshield wiper fixed, as no driver's side wiper is bad, yo. Saturday we were facing almost-all-day anime club, and Sunday, I have to work and then we also desperately have to do laundry. So, full weekend all around.

At first I thought it was Aslan, but it turned out to be a cute cat on a doorstep a bit away, yowling at me for all he was worth. I crept over and he, after a few false shies, rubbed my fingers and then starting purring quite loudly. (Note: I wasn't sure it was a boy until he turned away for a second. Then I was.) So I picked him up, he purred more and rubbed more and incidentally shivered quite violently as it was Very Cold Out, and Jess, who had come over, pointed out that his ear was bloody.

Uh-oh, stray. So...we took him inside, gave him some food and water, and locked him in the basement away from our cats, who weren't too keen on the whole thing.

We went out, got denied car fixage, got groceries, talked to Becky about whether she wanted him if he weren't already owned (he's a sweet orange and white cat, and as Becky's kitten is in absolute love with my Aslan, we figure a sweet orange and white male cat for Becky was in order), stole dinner from Jess's parents, and came back. We had decided to check if the cat, now christened Chester, were neutered or not, as that would be a good indication of ownership (he's, we now know, about eight-nine months old, but he's practically the same size as nearly four-year-old Azzy, so obviously wasn't VERY young). So, I checked.

Not neutered.

WAY not neutered.

We took him the vet early Saturday morning. Our vet, who apparently thinks we are the coolest cat owners around, basically told us that though he wasn't extremely undernourished (just skinny), whoever had had him wasn't "doing right by him" by not "castrating" him - basically telling us that us finding a new home was probably better than a huge effort to discover his old home. Add in finding him near the river, and I think we've got a case of 'abandoned', as he also had ear mites and such and had clearly been out for longer than a few hours - at least a few days.

Anyway, the vet neutered him (stayed open late for us), so we did some errand-y crap and came back, took him home, left him drugged and loopy and thus locked in the carrier in the basement, and went to anime. When we got home ten hours later, he definitely wanted to be let out but had not, in fact, used the carrier as a litterbox.

Score another point in this cat's favor.

He also took my shoving a huge-ass de-worming pill down his throat pretty well, and still seems to LOVE me. He pretty much LOVES everyone he meets, actually. He was whoring at the vet about a minute (literally) after having met him. He just doesn't like being locked up, which is unfortunate as we can't really let him out unless we're there to supervise and after he's finished de-worming himself (we haven't actually seen any worms, but it's a good idea to treat him for them anyay). Which will be tonight, but we still have to do laundry, and then come home and clean out the litterboxes he's had access to. I'm probably going to leave Jess at the laundromat and come home, lock the others up, and give him a bath, since he's quite dirty and thus setting her allergies off. I'm assuming he'll be rather complacent about it, judging from the pill-taking. We'll see.


Now I need to find someone to take him. I'm crazy, but I'm not THAT crazy, and even I know six cats are too many. If only Airashi were gone already...or we could find someone to take Becker. =p
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