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For anyone curious

The "family problems" I mentioned once, somewhere, involved my favorite uncle (mom's sister's husband) having a massive stroke.

He died this week.

The funeral is on Monday, so I'm not going to work. Instead, I'm driving about two? three? hours there. My dad said I can stay there Monday night and drive straight to work, but I think I might just come home. Sure, lots of driving, but own bed and purring cats if I come home.

My brother can't make it, which saddens me, but he can't get a flight. Apparently it's spring break in a lot of colleges there or something.

I'm going to miss him. This isn't extremely painful for me - we weren't THAT close - but I am worried about my aunt and my cousins and their kids (mostly their kids), who've just lost husband/Dad/Grandpa, and rather suddenly and without much warning. It just sucks all around.

That said, I need to eat something then get to bed. I still have to work tomorrow.

Crazy few weeks.
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