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joellehart, this one's for you!

Remember when I said I would do this?

Probably not, it's been so long after all, and so much keeps happening, and I am totally the queen of excuses. But this isn't about me, so - let's talk about you!

I love you (in a best-friend-y kinda way, of course). I think we can start with that. Thinking about you makes me happy (but having to write something about you makes me put it off for months ^^;). I think you're sweet, beautiful, funny, caring, and I'm totally delaying my nuptial ceremony so you can come (and screwing up parallel structure while I'm at it! Wheee!). In all seriousness, you were my best friend for a lot of high school, and you're still one of my best friends to this day. Sometimes it was kind of rocky, but I think we're in for a long haul - we'll call each other from our nursing homes (unless we're in the same one, in which case we'll do this all in person, probably in rockers) and bitch about the quality of our care. Except you'll probably go off on how sweet some nurse is, and then we'll giggle and I'll try to start writing yet another story and you'll want to draw for it and it'll be just as much fun then as it is now. ^_^

I do think that you have had a lot of confusion in you, and often felt kind of adrift, and thus some of the clinging to (what I consider) odd things. But at the same time, I think you have wells of inner strength that you're now discovering, and I always had faith that you would be able to figure out what was best for you. I admire you so much for going through with joining the Peace Corps and what you're doing - that takes reams and reams of strength that not many people have, and it seems like the Sara I thought was there all along is starting to shine through. I don't think you've figured absolutely everything out (who has, really?) but I do think you've found the fortitude to be able to. I think you're probably starting to get a sense of that yourself, and that makes me happy as well. I can't wait until you get back! I especially want to see the Sara who won't take no shit from anyone, yo. ^^

What else? You're an extremely talented artist, especially when it comes to coloring and shading, and while I'm somewhat jealous of it, I love looking at anything you've drawn. You have a wonderful imagination, even if it sometimes runs away with you, and that's another reason I love you so much. I could go on and on and maybe recite some memories, but I'm not sure I really need to, now. You know what I'm talking about, and everyone else can just skip this. ^^; So, I think I'll end it here and, you know, get back to work. The icon is, of course, for you. ^^; (See, you get me into horrible obsessions too!)

I love you!
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