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Ganked from kalldoro

First, write down the names of twenty people you know. Then read and answer the questions.

You can't look at the questions (or click on the cut) until you write down the twenty names you're going to use.

1. pixymisa
2. blueslee
3. chocolatedeath
4. cyrenasea
5. jaymian
6. joellehart
7. zaph
8. kalldoro
9. drblue
10. agelmar
11. dkellis
12. kalium
13. ryard
14. tiasabrina
15. kipplentoast
16. shaynehunter
17. atomic_somebody
18. neo_niisan
19. aopansaa
20. widowblade

Is #9 a boy or a girl?
Well, the answer to that is debatable... just kidding! drblue is a boy, and a cute one too! ^_^

Would #11 and #2 make a cute couple?
o_O O_o O_O ... @_@ The idea of blueslee and dkellis as a couple hurts my brain. Although it's mostly because I can't see Damien with a guy than for any other reason, honestly.

How about #18 and #4? know, if cyrenasea weren't married and they lived in the same place, I could actually see her and neo_niisan. And that kind of frightens me.

What grade is #17 in?
You know, I'm not sure exactly how grades work in Canada, so I'm not sure what grade atomic_somebody is in... but I think it's the equivalent of senior year in high school.

When was the last time you talked to #12?
I last spoke to kalium early Sunday morning, when he spent the night. 0=)

What is #6's favorite band?
Wow. Er, joellehart's got a few, but because of our history I'm going to have to declare They Might Be Giants.

Does #1 have any siblings?
Bien sûr pixymisa has, a brother who has recently spawned and a sister.

Would you ever date #3?
Deargodno. *cough* I love Devin (to clarify, chocolatedeath, NOT the other Devin), but he's 1. gay, 2. hyperactive, 3. married, and 4. in California. Not to mention INSANE.

Would you ever date #7?
Actually, zaph was my first. Boyfriend, that is. ^_^ But no, I wouldn't date him now. Lesbian and all.

Is #16 single?
No, shaynehunter has what seems like a great girlfriend. (I don't actually know her, so this is all from his journal.)

What's #15's last name?
Er... ah... I actually do know kipplentoast's last name, but I forget completely. I could go look it up. Hmm. Bearup, that's right!

What's #10's middle name?
For some reason I want to say agelmar's middle name is Charles. *checks* Damn, I'm right.

What's #5's favorite thing to do?
BE DIRTY-MINDED. (Even if she says she isn't.) jaymian loves a lot of things, like playing with her pets and hiking and such.

Is #13 hot?
Yeah, baby, bring on that ryard! >)

Would #14 and #19 make a good couple?
Yet another o_O ... tiasabrina and aopansaa are both female and straight, as far as I can tell, so I don't think it's exactly a match made in heaven. I also don't think they'd do well together even if they were otherwise inclined.

What school does #20 go to?
Er...ah...widowblade goes somewhere in New Mexico? It's a university! I know that!

Tell me a random fact about #11:
dkellis adores Tomoyo-chan of Card Captor Sakura. Is it sad that that's the first thing that came to mind about him? Ooh, he also wears adorable kitty ears!

And #1:
Oh god, I know too much about pixymisa, I can't pick one thing! I know, she just finished the dream arc on her comic Fruit Flies.

And #3:
Devin is insane and is majoring in psychiatry. We always found that amusing.

Have you ever had a crush on #15?
kipplentoast? Sorry, Jon, no. But I can see why others would.

Where does #9 live?
drblue will soon live in Texas. Poor thing.

What's #4 favorite color?
Dark reds (burgandy, bordeaux, etc.)! But I know cyrenasea likes lots of colors. ^_^

Would you make out with #14?
Sure, but tiasabrina isn't available. ^_-

Are #5 & #6 best friends?
Well, jaymian and joellehart are part of our collective circle of best friends (along with cyrenasea, and me), so yes. And also no, because I don't think they're each other's bestest friends, if you know what I mean.

Does #7 like #20?
I don't think zaph and widowblade know each other at all.

Does #8 like #19?
I don't think kalldoro and aopansaa know each other either.

How did you meet #2?
I met blueslee in an online roleplaying community and proceeded to confuse the crap out of him, as I was playing my alter-ego (Chris, the gay man) as my real-life counterpart. Poor Carter.

How did you meet #18?
I've known neo_niisan for a long time, and I met him... IN PERSON. Through the local anime club, to be specific. ^_^

Does #10 have any pets?
Not on his own, agelmar doesn't. I think his parents have a cat?

Is #12 older than you?
No. Not by a long shot. kalium is a little bitty baby! (Well, 19. Close enough.)

Is # 17 the sexiest person alive, or what?
Hell yeah, atomic_somebody totally is! ^_-

Ahh, procrastination at work. How I love thee.

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