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Me: Dude, this morning sucked.
zaph: how?
Me: Last night I ran out of my contact cleanser, but I had this other bottle, so I put prepared to put them in that last night. It turned out NOT to be the sort of cleanser you use every day, for it BURNED THE FUCK OUT OF MY RIGHT EYE last night.
zaph: aaaagh
Me: So I washed my right eye out a billion times, dumped the cleanser, and got my emergency bottle of the other stuff.
zaph: is your eye OK now?
Me: This morning I go to put them in. Turns out I should have washed out the case a few hundred times, because even though I'd replaced the solution, the miniscule droplets left BURNED THE FUCK OUT OF MY LEFT EYE.
zaph: yeesh
Me: So, I washed the contacts off about eighty times, then got them in so I could drive, because I have no prescription sunglasses and the glare was AWFUL.
Me: Then took them back out when I got to work and went around in glasses.
zaph: ugh
zaph: yikes
Me: Everyone's like, 'Why are your eyes so red?'
zaph: so like, what the fuck WAS that stuff you used? what's the point of a contact solution that BURNS YOUR EYES?!
Me: I'm thinking it was an enzymatic cleaner or something.
Me: But the thing is, I used to use enzymatic cleaners, and while they hurt if you put them directly in your eye, a little of the normal solution is supposed to clean it all off so you can, you know, wear your contacts again.
Me: NOT the liberal soakings and resoakings I had to do in order to make them resemble wearable.
Me: So, dude, throwing THAT shit away.
zaph: ah
zaph: yeah
Me: I was totally late this morning because of this. Heh.
Me: But I am forgiven.
zaph: heh

Yes, they're okay now, but they are still quite red and sort of...raw feeling, if not painful. >_

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