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The new and improved journal of Seleca's Harp

Seleca's Harp
14 July 1980
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I have powers pinto beans can only dream of! Yeesss, and with these powers, I shall one day take over the world!

In more factual news, I have my Masters of Science in Information, in Library and Information Services. This is not an MLS, but an MSI with a concentration. (Semantics, yay!)

I'm the Head of Youth Services at a small public library somewhere in this country (heh). I want to be a young adult librarian, however, so we'll see how long this lasts, though with the job market as it is? Probably awhile. But think on it, I made it necessary to read Harry Potter for my job. ^_^ Unfortunately, it is also necessary that I read Twilight. >_>

I would most like to become an author; being a librarian distracts me from not selling anything. ^_^; I have my own writing journal at fier (started for NaNoWriMo and so pretty much just features NaNo-related work), a shared fanfiction writing journal at teashopmuses that is (so far) all Supernatural and Code Geass, and a comic up on Keenspace called Morgan in the Morning, which has a community at mitm_comic, and which I don't update anymore, alas. But it is still funny!

I am female, if there is any confusion (the number of times I get mistaken for a gay male online...). I am the treasurer of our local anime club. I have a collection of souls I keep in little bottles. If thou hast bad grammar and/or spelling, I shall smite thee.

**profile written under the influence of not enough sleep**